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10 tips to choose the right mobile retargeting partner

In the year 2013, nearly 20–50 per cent of all online purchases were done via mobile devices. Advertisers have been quick to notice this shifting trend and are evolving their marketing plan with mobile as an integral part. However, one of the biggest challenges is choosing the right mobile retargeting partner or evaluating how well the current partner is equipped to handle the intricacies of mobile retargeting.

While the decision is not an easy one, here are 10 tips that could be considered while choosing the apt mobile retargeting partner…

#1. Mobile web and app retargeting: Mobile marketing, even at a single user level, is fragmented between mobile web and mobile app – both of which have completely different ecosystems. While mobile web allows third party cookies, mobile apps block cookies. How well is the retargeting company equipped to identify a user across platforms?

#2. Retargeting without cookies: Third-party cookies are disabled on Safari – iOS users’ most preferred browser (about 21 per cent of the total smartphone users and about 53.8 per cent of tablet users worldwide use iOS devices). If you are looking to maximise your mobile reach, you cannot ignore such a large user-pool. So, ensure that the mobile remarketing service provider has user-tracking mechanisms based on device recognition and does not rely on cookies alone.

#3. Retargeting across devices: Most users access internet using multiple screens. This means that User A might first visit the website using a mobile and perform subsequent online activities using a desktop or a tablet. Wouldn’t it be great to reach out to this user on each of these devices and remind him/her about the pending purchase? Well, if you don’t do it, the danger is your competitors might do so and win a buyer.

#4. The mobile user behaviour: User behaviour on mobiles are different from desktop. For example, users spend more time on social media sites via mobiles when compared to desktops. To optimise ad-spends, it might be worthwhile if these insights were factored into the RTB (real time bidding) algorithm while bidding for impressions.

#5. Tweaks and changes are needed: Most campaigns need tweaking in terms of user segmentation, bidding rules, creative etc. based on the campaign’s performance analysis. Does the remarketing company allow sufficient flexibility to incorporate changes to a live campaign?

#6. The creative: Mobile devices have a relatively small display size when compared to desktops. Hence, it is essential that all the elements necessary to engage users (such as logo, product, price, call to action, animation, recommendations etc.) are packed into the miniscule display size without losing the aesthetic appeal. Also mobile display ads require HTML5 based ads unlike flash which is popularly used for desktop ads.

#7. Transparency: Regular access to your campaign performance data helps you understand how your campaign is faring and make early changes to enhance your campaign performance. Based on your business preferences, you might want to push certain products, change your sales mix etc. and is possible if you are able to access updated campaign data.

#8. Reach: If your partner does not have a wide mobile reach your campaign might not witness the desired results despite ensuring that all the above points are taken care of. Verify the service provider’s publisher partners and ensure a wide mobile reach especially in your operation geographies.

#9. Business model: Since you are taking that first step towards mobile retargeting, chances are that you are working on a smaller budget and want to ensure the desired ROI (return on investment). Ensure that the remarketing company offers you the option to choose the best-suited business model.

#10. Self-serve vs fully-managed: In case you opt for a fully-managed mobile retargeting solution, you are free from the hassles of setting up and running a retargeting campaign and can focus on other important aspects of your business. Moreover, the service provider brings to the table his expertise in mobile retargeting and insights to campaign optimisation based on past experience.

Like the ever-changing digital marketing world, some of these rules are bound to change. But choosing the right partner could define how well a mobile retargeting campaign sustains industry changes.

Akshatha Kamath

Akshatha Kamath leads content marketing at MoEngage. She's one of "LinkedIn Content 50" for 2018 has been recently featured on the list of "The Most Influential Content Marketing Professional" by World Marketing Congress. She is a content marketing specialist with close to 12 years of experience in writing, strategizing and managing content for various organizations. Before MoEngage, she’s steered content marketing teams for companies like Simplilearn, Vizury, and Conzerv to help them with content, brand and communication strategies that are aligned with their business goals. She is an avid reader and a traveler who enjoys experiencing the flavors of life from different places.