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Rich media ads boost website visits three-fold

MediaMind, one of the leading independent providers of integrated digital advertising solutions, has recently done research which found that advertisers who want to increase website traffic and sales should look to dynamic and flexible, eye-catching display ads. The results show that users who have last seen a rich media ad are about three times more likely to browse to the advertiser’s website versus those who have last seen a standard banner. 

“Advertisers seek to maximise ROI for every marketing dollar spent. By investing in more engaging experiences powered by rich media and video, advertisers increase the chance that consumers will spend valuable time with their brand,” said Gal Trifon, General Manager of MediaMind and Chief Digital Officer of parent company DG.

The analysis shows that users exposed to rich media ads are far more likely to end up on an advertiser’s website to seek information about products or to complete a purchase. Advertisers who added video to the banner boosted site visits six-fold versus standard banners. For direct response, results show that users are four times more likely to click and visit the advertiser site after watching rich media ads versus standard banners and are nine times more likely after viewing rich media with video.

To quantify the value added by rich media, MediaMind compared the share of users who ended up on the website after seeing rich media versus the share of users who ended up on the site after seeing standard banners. The study examines 24,000 creatives with more than 12 billion impressions served in North America between July and December, 2011. Site visits were measured using landing page conversion tags.