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Mobile video co Thwapr enters Asian market

Asia is the market to be in for companies into mobile applications, since the mobile market in the region is growing rapidly, and it is the device that is most connected to the user today. Mobile is fast becoming the first point of contact for many brands reaching out to consumers who might not be otherwise connected. In fact, research shows that Asia will continue to dominate the global mobile advertising space with an expected 33.6% share of the $20.6 billion in mobile ad revenue forecast for 2015.

That is why brands developing mobile brand campaigns are looking for solutions that will help them make a mark. Video on mobile is one such solution. Targeting this growth opportunity in the market, US based mobile video sharing company Thwapr has chalked out its entry into the market with two strategic tie ups in Singapore. First Thwapr has tied up with mobile technology and application development company Dalrus Pte Ltd to collaborate on patent pending solutions. Second it has partnered with a marketing and branding company Shyalala, to develop new business opportunities.

“Marketers need solutions that deliver to a wide range of mobile devices, not just smart phones, and Thwapr can fill the void in Asia – the most populous and active mobile community,” says Ron Singh, CEO of Thwapr. Both the tie ups will help in introducing Thwapr as a new visual communication channel in Asia for brands and personalities looking to engage their communities. Thwapr is a mobile video sharing platform company that has engineered a proprietary technology to deliver the best possible mobile video quality and user experience regardless of device, network or carrier. Its platform offers a seamless device agnostic process that empowers users to socialize video content, and provides a solution to monetize the mobile community.

Today, Asia accounts for more than a third of the world’s mobile broadband subscriptions with over 420 million users, and is expected to double in size over the next three years.  This diverse region boasts the world’s largest mobile market, China, the fastest growing, India, the most advanced, Japan and South Korea as well as some of the most undeveloped.  Asia will continue to dominate global mobile ad spend with an expected 33.6% share of the $20.6 billion in mobile ad revenue forecast for 2015.

“Dalrus is an important part of our strategy to position our technical infrastructure for Asian expansion,” explains Singh about the tie up with the tech company. With Dalrus, Thwapr intends to further develop its patent pending technology to create a new peer to peer mobile video sharing experience, with a focus to integrate Asian cultural behaviour and local brands.  “The Asian marketplace offers significant opportunity for the dynamic capabilities of Thwapr’s proprietary mobile platform to transcend the unsupported video format problem, and make viewing and sharing mobile video a device agnostic process,” he further adds. Dalrus now operates a world class mobile community, Ownskin, servicing mobile phones from major brands.  Ownskin currently generates on average 3 million mobile daily page views and 2 million online daily page views.

With Shyalala, Thwapr will work to create a strategy that will leverage upon Thwapr’s proprietary mobile video sharing technology to build community engagement services. Explaining the reason behind the tie up Marcus Savage, managing partner of Shyalala says, “Mobile video can be the next instant-on media channel for brands. And creating a perpetual mobile community for brands to deliver and share mobile video will be the next growth market.” Shyalala delivers end-to-end marketing and branding solutions for multi-national companies and have worked with brands like Pepsi, Esprit, Calvin Klein, BHP Billiton and ExxonMobil. With over 12 years of industry experience, Shyalala, an award-winning agency, has rolled out campaigns in Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai.

According to Singh Shyalala will also leverage its business relationships and alliances to integrate Thwapr as part of its current offering. “Thwapr will provide technical support and the resources needed to service the Asia Pacific marketplace,” he concludes.