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20% of Chinese onliners access Internet via mobile: Research

Twenty per cent of Internet users in China accessed only via mobile devices, double the United States proportion of 10 per cent, according to data released by comScore & CTR Market Research.

comScore and CTR Market Research have made major upgrades to comScore MMX Multi-Platform and Mobile Metrix in China with the introduction of mobile consumer panel data powered by CTR. The introduction of Android smartphone panel data for application reporting expands comScore’s measurement of mobile audiences in China to enable reporting of visitation, engagement and demographics.

The data from comScore show that as of December 2016, China had a total digital population reach of 748 million unique visitors/viewers across desktop, smartphone and tablets. The majority of all digital minutes in China were consumed via applications on mobile devices (62 per cent). The majority of mobile application minutes were in the Portals, Retail and Instant Messengers categories. For the Banking category, the proportion of mobile audiences was double that of desktop audiences.

“As part of our continued commitment to improve data accuracy and adapt to the rapid growth of mobile usage in China, we are delighted to announce these significant product enhancements that come as a result of our close partnership with CTR. We have received terrific support in the market to develop quality solutions that deliver more granular insights to help our clients make better decisions in today’s evolving, multi-platform landscape. This milestone marks an important step forward in our product innovation roadmap and is just the start of more to come,” said Huang Xinyu, Senior Vice President, Managing Director, Greater China at comScore.

“Achieving domestic demands with advanced experience and technology, CTR is committed to providing in-depth insights and efficient solutions for our clients – the collaboration with comScore is a case in point. With more cooperation in future, CTR and comScore will work on a series of innovative products. With the rapid development of digital marketing, advertisers are paying more attention to objective and fair measurement of effectiveness. CTR, owning currency products and a recognised third party within the industry, will further expand such advantages to digital marketing represented by mobile, OTT and cross-platform communication,” said Xu Lijun, Executive Director and President of CTR.

With the introduction of mobile consumer panel data powered by CTR, the enhanced comScore MMX Multi-Platform and Mobile Metrix combine data from desktop and mobile consumer panels, with data from the comScore census network. This approach provides a persons-based measurement of total digital reach. Further, the comScore and CTR cooperation will be expanded to address consumers’ changing behaviours and new technologies. This includes the creation of large scale and diversified panels, and the ability to measure and credit traffic from third-party apps and content distributors, to ensure publishers are able to consistently account for their digital audience across devices.

This latest development in China expands comScore’s mobile measurement solutions to a total of 10 markets across the globe. In the coming months, comScore will also introduce advanced mobile measurement in Malaysia, France, Germany and Argentina.