Grant Watts, Amobee

Grant Watts, managing director-Asia Pacific, Amobee shares his views on the mobile advertising trends in the APAC market and how the brands are going forward with their plans for presence on the mobile platform. 

What are the mobile advertising trends you notice in the APAC region?

There’s no denying the fact that mobile advertising will flourish in 2012 and the coming years, particularly in the APAC region. Asia is already the largest mobile ad region in terms of mobile advertising spend. In fact, industry analysts predict that Asia will be a US$7 billion mobile advertising market by 2015. Smartphone penetration in Asia is expected to surpass feature phones in 2012. With this trend, there will be more emphasis on efficient buying methods to fill available mobile advertising inventory. More and more people are using their mobile devices to access the web as smartphone proliferation reaches every corner of the world. Not only are people connected, but their attention is increasingly tied to their mobile screen. On average, consumers spend two hours on their mobile devices every day – and this number is constantly increasing! We have positioned ourselves in a place to capture the abundant mobile advertising opportunities across the APAC region.

What are going to be the key drivers to push growth in mobile advertising this year?

2012 will be the year that many publishers and advertisers will realize that the potential benefits of a mobile advertising campaign outweigh the risks and will increasingly integrate mobile advertising into their marketing mix. There will be an incredible focus on relevance and the nature of the viewing experience for the consumer. Big Data is becoming much more important.

How are the brands in this region planning for mobile advertising?

Traditional marketers from APAC brands are present in mobile advertising in varying degrees and most have included mobile display advertising as a fundamental mix to their overall marketing plans. The active APAC brands on mobile are either building a business on mobile or are driving tangible business results through companies with an APAC reach, like Amobee. APAC mobile solutions are starting to include various ad formats.

What are the latest solutions that Amobee is working on to target the growing mobile marketing segment in the region?

Amobee has comprehensive mobile advertising platforms, Amobee PULSE for Advertisers and Amobee PULSE for Publishers, which address the needs of large publishers, advertisers and operators. We continuously add innovative technology and solutions to ensure that we have the most advanced and competitive offering for our customers globally. Amobee PULSE platforms deliver all forms of mobile advertising, from text to rich media, across all devices – at global and regional levels. We run mobile ad campaigns for some of the biggest and best APAC brands, delivering unparalleled results. We’re already working with Asian-based companies and expect to make additional partner announcements in the near future.

Of all the markets in the APAC region, which is the most mature in terms of mobile marketing and why?

APAC as a whole is a very large market and each country is at a different stage of readiness and access, with each market spending differently on mobile advertising. A key example is Japan, as it is the largest mobile ad market globally at US$1.5B. The Philippines is the top mobile messaging market globally and marketers within this market have become incredibly savvy in the usage of mobile advertising. That said, it is very important to maintain a deep understanding of the marketing landscape and it is required to know the region at a country level to fully capitalize and prioritize opportunities across this exciting region.

This fiscal year, what are Amobee’s growth plans in the region? Where do you expect the major revenues to come from in terms of market, and type of solutions?

We are currently running campaigns across the globe, but we’re also aggressively pursuing new business opportunities in all key Asian markets including Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Australia and New Zealand. Our platform, Amobee PULSE for Publishers is now in high demand by the operators and large publishers across the region and we will continue to give them the tools to grow their businesses. In the case of SingTel and their affiliates, we will be helping to connect advertisers to the 430 million subscribers they have access to, effectively unlocking their valuable latent assets in the form of data. On the advertiser side, we will continue to support the big global brands and mobile companies with Amobee PULSE for Advertisers, helping to grow their businesses and customer experiences across APAC.