With a message that captures the passion for connecting people’s hopes, dreams and aspirations, Emirates, one of the leading airline group in the world, has announced a new global brand platform and direction, themed “Hello Tomorrow”. This new theme positions the global airline as the enabler of global connectivity and meaningful experiences. To promote this concept Emirates is embarking on an integrated marketing communications campaign. This is aimed to help the company move from being just a travel brand to a global lifestyle brand.  

Announcing this concept, Sir Maurice Flanagan, executive vice chairman of Emirates Airline and Group, said, “Our new corporate image and global marketing campaign both underline the confidence we have in our existing products and services, and the vision we have for the future growth of the airline. Emirates is not just offering a way to connect people from point A to point B but is the catalyst to connect people’s hopes, dreams and aspirations.”

The campaign will work with both online and offline mediums. It will feature print, TV, digital advertising including some iconic billboards in New York’s Times Square and Milan’s central train station. It will work around a series of vibrant messages like ‘Tomorrow Brings Us Closer to; New People, New Experiences, New Styles, New Friends’. This is expected to bring Emirates’ new vision to the marketplace. It was created with Emirates’ lead communications partner Strawberry Frog, the world’s first Cultural Movement agency. “We’re building on decades of innovation in Emirates’ marketing to launch this new and innovative movement for the world’s most thoughtful and incredible brand. This bold next step for the brand will offer people who love the brand or want to experience the brand, the inspiration to participate in this brave new world and spark new connections and experiences achieved through travel,” said Scott Goodson, chairman of Strawberry Frog.

In keeping with the brand rejuvenation, Emirates has refreshed its website with the ‘Hello Tomorrow’ messaging. The new branding is also expected to help Emirates focus on driving increased consumer engagement in what is new, fresh and innovative in the world – empowering people to explore, engage and live. With that is also the airline’s effort to capture a younger audience through popular social media and online channels. It is currently debuting the ‘Hello Tomorrow’ campaign with vignettes of the TV spots on Emirates newly launched Facebook channel. The netizens can also grab the latest TV commercials at http://www.youtube.com/emirates. “Emirates is connecting people and cultures creating relevant and meaningful experiences that are shaping the world,” added Sir Flanagan.