A recent Gartner report says that in the next five years CMOs will surpass CIOs in spend on technology, while a report from eMarketers states that social advertising will be the largest growth area of online advertising by 2013. This means that CMOs today need solution that will help them ride the social media advertising wave in the most effective manner.

Talking about the growing need for a social media monitoring tool Jeremiah Owyang, industry analyst, Altimeter Group said, “Companies are struggling to scale to keep up with all the conversations on social networks. Tools that analyze, plan, deliver and measure media such as ads, content and conversations help marketers to reach the intended audiences and result in higher resonation.” Saleforce.com has found the answer to that with its Salesforce Marketing Cloud. It is being touted as the most comprehensive suite for social marketing that will unify social listening, content, engagement, advertising, workflow, automation and measurement.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the result of solution and technology from Buddy Media and Radian6. The company claims that this new suite of products is going to revolutionize the way brands deploy their social media marketing strategy. “Marketing is undergoing its biggest shift in decades, as brands move from traditional strategies to connecting with customers and fans globally through social media. Salesforce Marketing Cloud empowers brands to take advantage of this shift, turning insight into action and connections into customers for life,” said Michael Lazerow, CMO of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce.com.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud suite offers capabilities like social listening, creating social content, social engagement, social advertising, social workflow and automation, and social measurement. What seem really interesting and innovative in the suite are social listening, workflow and automation and measurement.

Social listening will give the brands realtime consumer insights which then can be turned into great marketing opportunities. In fact Marketing Cloud now supports a total of 17 languages for social listening and with the launch of a new Apple native iOS app, social listening is also available via mobile devices. Through social workflow and automation, marketers can analyse and organise consumer conversation, which will enable them to route relevant social content for faster consumer engagement. Finally social measurement allows the brands to track the campaign results almost realtime and leverage the data to adapt the campaigns for further effectiveness. According to Lazerow, social measurement shows exactly how the engagement is driving revenues and other conversions. With this marketers can create multiple, custom dashboards via a library of drag-and-drop widgets to deliver relevant, actionable insight to everyone from the community manager to the CMO.

According to Salesforce.com, 55 percent of the Fortune 100, including Ford, Hewlett Packard, and Unilever are managing their social marketing programs at scale and turning connections into customers for life with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Emphasising the need for a solutions like Salesforce Marketing Cloud, the company’s client Scott Monty, communications manager, Global Digital & Multimedia, Ford Motor Company said, “Ford doesn’t have a standalone social media strategy — we have a business strategy supported by social media. We need to scale social media across our employees, dealers and customers, and know exactly how it is driving our business. We also need a unified view of social to make analysis that comes out of it available to product development, advertising or product marketing. This is all possible with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.”