That social media can be a great tool to help the less privileged is a fact, but when it is being used to egg on people to move forward and go beyond a trauma then it is unconventional and inspiring. P.INK, a non-profit set up is using Pinterest to help breast cancer survivors and mastectomy patents to get their confidence back by getting a ‘move-forward’ tattoo.

Developed by the digital marketing agency CP+B, P.INK is a Pinterest platform that is encouraging women come online and join hands to help the breast cancer patients and survivors cope with post-surgery trauma. The platform is promoting tattoo art as the healing solution. This is expected to especially encourage women who are left with scars and no nipples.

P.INK’s Pinterest board has abundant design inspirations, various support materials to come to terms with post-op changes, ad eve recommended tattoo artists. In fact it also features a video with a tattoo artist talking about how tattoos can help women get their self-esteem back. Says ink artist Colby Butler, who was featured in the video, “Tattoos can help in the healing process. If you’ve gone through cancer or a surgery or had an accident, sometimes putting a tattoo in that spot can help you move forward; to either forget or make it a more beautiful thing.”

The video also shows cancer survivor Molly Ortwein going through tattoo process, and her experience in taking this decision to help her move forward. While P.INK is focussing on women in the US, which has around 2.6 million breast cancer survivors. However the designs and the help materials on the board can help women across the world in dealing this event in their lives.