In a bid to create a premium mobile advertising exchange, Millennial Media has announced Millennial Media Exchange (MMX) that provides advertisers and developers the opportunity to buy and sell on a real-time, programmatic basis with unique data at scale. The company has partnered with AppNexus for this initiative.

“By adding the industry-leading technology of AppNexus to the existing RTB exchange foundation that we have already built and acquired, the MMX will leapfrog existing solutions in the market and unlock tremendous value for our partners. Our full ad tech stack will be one of the most powerful in the digital advertising industry, with further innovations already under development,” said Paul Palmieri, Chairman and CEO, Millennial Media.

Millennial Media’s MYDAS platform and breadth of audience and premium inventory, combined with powerful and customisable technology from AppNexus will enable advertisers to buy mobile inventory more efficiently and in a programmatic fashion. The Millennial Media and AppNexus strategic partnership will also significantly enhance reach and performance for advertisers, creating a ‘must buy’ source of inventory across devices. In addition to the programmatic selling of mobile inventory across the MMX, with Millennial Media’s proposed acquisition of Jumptap, the company also plans to add one of the largest programmatic buyers of mobile exchange-based impressions.

“Display advertising has entered an exciting new era and the impact of programmatic buying has been monumental, and a key interest for brands in Asia. RTB allows marketers to reach the right person, at the right time, with the right message – in a matter of milliseconds. We are looking forward to rolling out the MMX in this region and working with our clients and partners in Asia to help them achieve the scale, efficacy, and optimized targeting that comes with RTB,” added Robert Woolfrey, Managing Director of Millennial Media, Southeast Asia.

“In April, we made a commitment to solve the challenges that have kept mobile from reaching its full potential. When a large, premium advertising company and a leading technology provider come together, it accelerates the market into rapid expansion. Our partnership with Millennial Media will unlock their scale, high quality supply and unique data to ignite the mobile marketplace,” said Brian O’Kelley, CEO, AppNexus.

For publishers and developers, the new exchange will yield superior results, greater control, and improved monetisation opportunities exceeding what other platforms, publishers, and exchanges have been able to provide.