Mobile traffic switchMobile performance marketing network, KissMyAds, has launched Mobile Traffic Switch, a technology enabling publishers to segment their mobile traffic in order to eliminate wastage and maximise revenues. With the introduction of this, the Cologne-based company attempts to create a win-win situation for its publishers as well as its advertiser base. According to KissMyAds, the specific filter implemented in the Mobile Traffic Switch drives conversion rates, thus leading to higher revenues for its customers.

For advertisers, the new feature results in a new degree of traffic targeting. The switch filters mobile traffic according to numerous criteria like country, operator, mobile device, operating system, 3G/WiFi and also payouts. Individual users will be directed to the most relevant offers based on their parameters, which in turn reduces wastage to the absolute minimum.

“Our new Mobile Traffic Switch will not only lead to more revenue on both sides, advertisers and publishers, but it will indeed simplify the integration of the offer links for publishers. The new switch does away with the need to implement multiple offer links and instead enables us to condense the collection of relevant offers into just one single link per publisher,” said Florian Lehwald, CEO and founder of KissMyAds.

Another endeavour of the Mobile Traffic Switch is to make sure that all data is transparent to all publishers and advertisers. The implementation of the new technology means an enormous investment into future business, as it will become more important to improve the overall performance of mobile marketing.

“The algorithms had to be developed and the programming did cost a decent amount of money, but we are utterly convinced that the investment into our Mobile Traffic Switch will pay back soon and helps us satisfy our customers. With the KissMyAds Mobile Traffic Switch we deliver state-of-the-art technology for the mobile marketing sector,” explained Mr Lehwald.