Google India logoSocial media had much to share in the last two days about the Google Reunion ad that was launched in India on November 13, 2013. The creative agency behind the campaign, Ogilvy India, and Google have taken the India-Pakistan history as the backdrop to touch an emotional chord while indicating how Google’s search function – from laptop to mobile – along with Google Maps, connects people.

The story revolves around two friends – Baldev and Yusuf – who were parted during the India Pakistan partition of 1947. Nearly 66 years later, situations lead for the grandchildren of the two friends to attempt and reconnect the long lost friends. Their assistant in this attempt – Google.

This is not the first time when the emotional India-Pakistan history has formed the premise for an advertising message. ‘Aman ki Asha’ being one of the examples, even though the objective of Aman ki Asha from the Times of India Group was completely different. Google and Ogilvy have sure managed to stir conversations on social network, while effectively communicating Google proposition, through the ad.

Facebook too was seen in a commercial with a similar thought process where a grandson finds an old rival ‘Kantilal’ for his grandfather to settle a score, while demonstrating that Facebook was the place to search people.

“Google and Ogilvy have sure made a good ad. But you need to also look at the part where Google is not taking its position lightly in India and is still looking to engage consumers in a mass media campaign to promote its search function. We have seen it push its products like Google Chrome in the past as well but they have really got the media, and the social media, discussing this ad,” said a creative director based in Singapore.

Whether the ad helps Google further push its products like Maps in India and encourage more people to use Google’s mobile search function, is still a watch but for now, Ogilvy has managed to get the ad enough mind share.

Google Reunion Ad