Mobile RTB

Even as there are a significant number of marketers that are still looking to make sense of real-time bidding (RTB) in digital advertising, there are also those that are already experimenting with RTB in mobile. Players such as Smaato, which is a real-time bidding (RTB) ad exchange and Supply Side Platform (SSP), assert that RTB has played a significant role in growing mobile advertising on the whole. Even as APAC is yet to see some significant numbers on this front yet, countries such as Australia are registering the highest RTB growth in mobile at present.

According to Smaato’s recently released global mobile RTB Insights Report for Q4 2013, there are a few clear trends that can be observed in the mobile RTB space. The report, compiled from exchange data, auctions, bids and impressions served globally across Smaato’s RTB ad-exchange (SMX) and Supply Side Platform, showcases the growing importance of data in mobile advertising and the rise of mobile RTB on a global scale.

#1. Data drives eCPM’s higher
Through the efficiencies and technological advances of RTB ad exchanges, advertisers are better able to match brands and messages with their target audiences in Q4 2013. When location and device ID data are present in a SMX bid request, eCPMs increased by up to 264 per cent. Presence of gender and age data increased eCPMs by more than 150 per cent as well.

#2. Demand for mobile publishers and developers is on the rise
The growth in mobile RTB continues to produce staggering numbers, as aggregate RTB performance on SMX saw a 466% increase throughout 2013. Furthermore, fill rates also grew significantly in Q4. The largest fill increases were seen in the U.S. market: +72% for ad networks and +106% for RTB respectively in Q4 in comparison to Q3.

#3. Mobile RTB ad spend is the fastest growth channel going into 2014
In Q4 2013 the US led the global mobile RTB revenue followed by United Kingdom, Germany and France. Certain APAC and Latin America markets have seen the largest percentage increase in ad spend. Some of the notable countries were: Brazil 440%), Netherlands (142%), Australia (107%), and Canada (92%) all experiencing double-or-triple digit RTB growth in Q4 compared to Q3.

#4. Entertainment and CPG (consumer packaged goods) were the top spending advertiser categories
Furthermore, the advertiser category with the highest percentage of mobile RTB ad spending in Q4 was entertainment and media with 20%, followed by food and retail (18%), technology and telecom (18%) and business and finance (12%). Overall Q4 2013 saw increased brand attention and budget towards mobile RTB as data and targeting continuously improved.

“Real-time bidding was the growth engine for mobile advertising in 2013 at Smaato and reached the next level of efficiency and relevance in the market. It is also great to see increased shift in spend from some of the largest online demand players to our platform further validating the importance of the mobile-ready ecosystem. This global mobile RTB report will help our mobile publishers, developers and demand partners gain deep analytical insights into market behaviors so that they can further understand and align their mobile and monetization strategies,” said Ragnar Kruse, Smaato CEO.

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