Komli Media is entering the next phase of its recently launched remarketing product, and the keyword is mobile. One of the region’s key players in digital marketing, Komli has released a whitepaper that indicates that only 10 per cent of marketers in India and Southeast Asia are mobile remarketing ready, even though mobile traffic continues to explode.

To fill the need gap created due to this, Komli’s Remarketing Demand Side Platform (RDSP) is now supported by mobile remarketing capabilities. The company’s objective is to provide marketers and app developers an efficient and cost effective solution to re-engage with their users on mobile web and applications. With the launch of mobile remarketing, Komli’s RDSP, which was launched in February of this year, enables marketers to power advanced remarketing scenarios across display, social and mobile from a single cohesive, transparent interface – in essence offering a seamless experience.

Insights from the whitepaper ‘Mobile Remarketing Challenges and Opportunities’ indicate that:
• Mobile is driving 30 per cent of the traffic in India and Southeast Asia but contributing to only 20 per cent of the total transactions
• 60 per cent of the marketers who don’t have an app plan to build one in the next 6-12 months
• Small screen size and messaging to users that mobile transactions are safe and secure are the biggest challenges marketers face while creating mobile specific experiences

Giving a perspective on the rationale behind the mobile offer, Ashwin Puri, VP Remarketing & Mobile, Komli Media said, “In the next 12 months, for ecommerce and OTA (online travel agencies) customers, we see over 50 per cent of traffic and transactions coming from mobile and hence remarketing on mobile is going to be key to scaling the business. Komli’s mobile remarketing solution combines the highly engaging nature of mobile with the performance driven DSP approach to make the most of this growing user base across all mobile platforms including smartphones and tablets on Android and iOS. For mobile app developers such as gaming and messaging companies, Komli now offers a complete user life cycle management solution across branding, new app installs and remarketing for dormant users.”

Apps form a crucial part in Komli’s mobile strategy. The company claims that marketers can reactivate their dormant app users or show highly personalised ads to re-engage with their existing app and web users to drive conversions from their mobile assets. Komli’s mobile remarketing models combine its proprietary audience segmentation techniques with deep understanding of mobile user behaviour to ensure maximum ROI. Additionally, existing sophisticated features such as audience segmentation, campaign management, dynamic creative and advanced reporting can be extended to mobile campaigns without any custom code or SDK integration.

Komli is working closely with clients on the implementation of best practices to make their apps mobile remarketing compatible, including the use of technologies like deeplinking. The new solution has been used by several of Komli’s existing remarketing customers in beta and is already driving significant revenue and order volume.

Vivek Goel, Head of Marketing for Zovi.com, an apparel ecommerce brand, said, “Mobile is today a sizable portion of our traffic and transactions and as we move to the next phase of growth, the key challenge for us lies in ensuring ROI out of this growing medium. With its superior audience segmentation and targeting techniques, Komli’s Remarketing DSP platform has delivered amazing results for us and we are working closely with them to scale the business across platforms. We expect more than half of our business to come from mobile in the next 2 years and Komli’s integrated approach to remarketing across web, social and mobile is going to be critical for us to achieve ROI across all platforms.”

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