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Ford gets Australian 4X4 diehards to test its Everest on challenging terrains

GTB Melbourne has launched the ‘Love Every Minute’ campaign showcasing The Ford Everest 4WD, proving to all 4X4 diehards that Everest is a seriously capable vehicle deserving of its title, Drive’s ‘4WD of the Year’.

The ‘Love Every Minute’ campaign was shot across a number of inhospitable locations around Alice Springs and launches with cinema and TV directed by Revolver’s Bruce Hunt. The TV and cinema is supported by outdoor, online and social along with a media domination at major airports.

“We had two goals. Connect to 4X4 diehards by showing them moments of 4X4 hardship they’ll identify with. And demonstrate the Everest is more than capable of getting you out of these horrible situations,” said GTB ECD Jon-Paul Jacques.

“Ford research showed us 4X4 diehards are serious guys. They told us their most memorable off-road stories, and they were pretty hard-core. Surprisingly, it was the harshest, most intense and unpleasant experiences that they looked back on most fondly. Thus ‘Love Every Minute’ was born,” said Mr Jacques.

GTB Head of Strategy Anuj Mehra said the research confirmed “for these guys, the worst of times really are the best of times.”

“Some of the most memorable comments from our research included: ‘You do get bogged but I live for the mud, getting out of tough situations,’ ‘Took on too much for my skill set and slid down a 45-degree angle. That’s the fun though, I can’t believe I made that’; ‘You realise how stupid you were, but you don’t care after it’s done.’ We decided to celebrate this contradiction,” concluded Mr Mehra.

“This integrated campaign shows real 4X4’ers in the grittiest, most challenging Aussie conditions. We believe this honest approach will not only get noticed but prove the Everest is a serious player in a crowded market. We’re really excited by what this means for the brand,” says Daniella Winter, General Manager of Marketing at Ford.

GTB is part of WPP AUNZ.