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Acuvue ‘dares’ Chinese millennials to change their lives

McCann Worldgroup Shanghai has launched ACUVUE’s ‘Dare to Change’ campaign, asking Chinese millennials share the one thing they want to change most about themselves, that has prevented them from achieving their full potential.

ACUVUE’s global positioning focuses on getting people to realise how contact lenses can transform lives. The brand aims to empower millennials by engaging them to make positive changes, whilst reassuring them and breaking through their health barriers.

For the launch, ACUVUE created a digital video, showcasing an experiment featuring two people, invited for a session with a lifestyle consultant. Both had concerns about their work life that reflect the challenges that Chinese millennials go through in a tough and competitive environment. They were very candid and honest in wanting to be noticed more, but lacked the confidence on how to go about it.

“Eye health is the number one barrier to confidence in China with millennials, so we wanted to launch an awareness campaign to inspire them by showing them that if they committed to change, the possibilities would be endless to what they could achieve,” said Anne Dumesges, Marketing Director for ACUVUE China.

Over 70 per cent of the population in China needs some type of vision correction.

“Despite this staggering number, eye-health awareness in China is low due to misconceptions and the lack of standardised, professional eye-care,” added Ms Dumesges.

During the experiment the two participants were asked to take a photo and write down the one thing they wanted the most to change about themselves. ACUVUE gave them a full makeover experience including a coaching session on how to communicate and express confidence through their eyes. As part of the experience they were given a professional eye exam and fitted with ACUVUE’s clear contact lenses and come back to the studio after the trial period.

When the participants were invited back into the studio, they were unaware that over their two week trial, their friends were asked to secretly film and take photos of them. The lifestyle consultant reminded them of what they wished to change from their first visit and then surprised them by showing them the transformations their friends had captured during their trial. The video ends the participants affirming to camera that they are sticking to the change by tearing up the photo of their old selves.

The campaign continued on social media platforms where famous lifestyle KOLS asked their young millennial followers to take down their barriers and commit on what they wanted to change that would allow them to become more confident. In return ACUVUE offered exclusive contact lens for free.

“The results took everyone by surprise with more than 26+ million impressions, 13 million views and 20,000+ engagements to date,” said Cia Hatzi, VP Regional Business Director, McCann Worldgroup APAC.

The ‘Dare to Change’ campaign includes a viral video and social activation to increase buzz and awareness as well as a partnership with LinkedIn and a strong education focused on ACUVUE®’s Eye Care Day on June 6.