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HSBC powers a tram shelter in Hong Kong with solar panels

The Belt-and-Road Initiative (BRI) is a visionary blueprint for global economic development while leading the global shift to a green economy. HSBC goes beyond understanding the potential opportunities which could result from the Belt-and-Road Initiative (BRI), while also embracing the idea of sustainable development for a greener future.

HSBC introduced Hong Kong’s first-ever solar-driven tram shelter, lighting up the path to a greener future. Transforming a traditional channel into an innovative statement, HSBC made the tram shelter outside their main building the greenest tram shelter in Hong Kong.

Solar panels were installed on the tram shelter roof, absorbing sunlight during the day. At night, more than 60 light bulbs will be supported by solar power energy.

Taking this iconic makes public transport of Hong Kong as a symbol of the transformation, HSBC embraced the idea of the global shift, leading Hong Kong further into the concept of green economy, as well as the playing the monumental role of a significant partner to help move the Belt-and-Road Initiative (BRI) forward.


Client: HSBC
Tricia Weener, Global Head of Marketing, Commercial Banking; Head of Marketing, Commercial Banking & Global Banking & Markets, Asia Pacific
James A Davies, Senior Marketing Manager, Campaigns & International Markets | Sustainability Leader, Commercial Banking and Global Banking & Markets
Cecilia Wong, Senior Marketing Manager, Marketing Communications and Campaign Strategy, Commercial Banking and Global Banking & Markets, Asia Pacific
Michael Gillan, Senior Marketing Manager, Digital & Content, Commercial Banking, Commercial Banking and Global Banking & Markets, Asia Pacific

Agency: Grey Group Hong Kong
Sarah Trombetta, Chief Executive Officer
Michael Knox, Chief Creative Officer
Christopher Lee, Creative director
Jeffrey Wong, Associate creative director
Keith Lam, Senior copywriter
Jackie Wong, Senior art director
Elsie Lau, Art Director
Jeffrey Wong, Art director
Matt Wong, Account manager