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3 in 5 companies in SG rank data analytics as the top digital mktg skills gap: Report

Close to three in five of organisations in Singapore felt web/data analytics was the top digital marketing skills gap that they needed to fill. This is a key finding from the Digital Marketing Training Needs in Singapore 2017 report, published by Econsultancy in partnership with the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) U Associate and supported by Workforce Singapore (WSG).

The research, based on a survey of over 300 marketing professionals in Singapore, evaluates organisations’ digital marketing skills gaps and how they are approaching the issue of digital marketing training.

The report examines the skills gaps that organisations are experiencing and their outsourcing or recruitment plans over twelve areas of digital marketing, as well as the factors affecting marketers’ decision-making when it comes to choosing training programmes to fill the digital marketing needs of their organisations.

The results revealed that the areas for which organisations planned to outsource or recruit were in line with the skills gaps that organisations are currently experiencing.

Web/data analytics (61 per cent) ranked as the highest digital marketing skills gap and ranked third (32 per cent) in the areas of digital marketing that organisations are planning to outsource or recruit for.

Content marketing was the top area that nearly two in five (37 per cent) organisations are planning to outsource or recruit for, and ranked second highest in terms of internal skills gaps (59 per cent).

To fill these skills gaps, nearly two-thirds (64 per cent) of marketers prefer to attend day-long workshops. The top activity that they felt would benefit them most was case studies (86 per cent). Marketers also felt that training workshops should ideally be two (39 per cent) or three (34 per cent) days long to optimise learning outcomes.

In line with the Singapore government’s initiatives for working professionals to develop careers and skills, most companies in Singapore allocate time for their employees to attend training sessions, with three-quarters of them allocating up to five days annually.

Vivek Kumar, Assistant Director-General, NTUC commented, “The Labour Movement and our networks strive to get a good sense of skills needed in sectors with projected employment growth, so we could prepare our professionals to develop future-ready skills. This survey helps to identify key areas that we should focus on. We would tap into our growing network of U Associate professional guilds, U Circle MNCs, and other partners to offer suitable training & exposure programmes to keep our talent globally competitive, not only for current jobs, but also for emerging jobs.”

Jefrey Gomez, Managing Director, Asia Pacific at Econsultancy said, “As a leading global digital marketing training provider, our priority is to ensure that our courses are designed to effectively help organisations that are going through digital transformation. The results of the survey show that we are well-positioned to help marketers stay up-to-date with relevant skills in order for them to become confident practitioners in their fields.”