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6 fantastic revenue ideas for niche publishers

When you are a niche publisher targeting a closed group of audience, you have to be more focused, so that you can monetise from all your hard work and premium content. By incorporating appropriate revenue streams that suit their audiences, niche publishers can generate more revenue from their existing traffic. Some of these ways will help you in that pursuit:

Paid subscriptions

Niche publishers can offer extended value to the upper crust of their audience, who are the most serious about the assistance or insights they provide them, by picking a paid subscription model. For example, Lynda.com, a site aimed at helping users learn software, creative, and business skills, makes about $200 million per month for access to video tutorials. The site makes sure that it provides an awesome value in exchange for the price tag, and reap the benefits. You can also adopt a similar model without spending too much on setting up your operations.

Sponsored content

Depending on the popularity of your niche site and your topic area, you may get a lot of offers for sponsored content. It’s, however, important to stay true to your readers and not sell out to the point that every single article is a sponsored one. Sponsored content can be just about anything under the sun, such as services, software, garments, restaurants, healthcare products, and other publications. The key here is to go by your target audiences and play to their preferences.

Native advertisement

Native advertising is not a new concept, publishers can now employ native advertising for brands to connect with their target audiences with more engaging and creative content. Native advertising smoothly blends editorial content with that of an advertiser. Through native advertising, you can achieve better targetability, engagement and analytics. The growth of native advertising is inevitable, especially when you integrate content marketing into the strategy.

Web directory

Niche publishers can think of having a directory based revenue model. They can have an independent directory site or have the directory on their content site. Niche directories can be a great source of income, as for these highly niche directories you can charge clients for listings, based on different business models, such as paid submission, affiliate programs, featured listings, bid for position, advertising, and lead generation. Directories help with quality data collection and lead generation. Publishers can sell data or generate consistent income through list rentals.

Event management

Events are a great way to attract your audiences towards your or your partners’ products and services. It’s pertinent that you hold periodical events round the year to keep them actively participating for business insights and better decision-making. There are event sites that can either be a part of your main website or with unique URLs to attract more traffic and turn it into revenue opportunities.

Premium lead generation

A closed set of audience is ripe for lead generation. In your capacity as a niche publisher, you can generate premium leads through webinars and podcasts that offer great value to your users. Research-based articles, reports, case studies and downloads also help you in this pursuit. Once users find the content relevant and resourceful, they wouldn’t mind sharing their information with you. This will result in monetisation opportunity, as you can sell the leads to potential advertisers and other companies.