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6 reasons why people revisit websites

‘Give me a reason. And I’ll stay put a lifetime’. Why would a visitor to a website come back? Only of there are good reasons. Thus, if you wish to increase user revisits, create more reasons for them to come back repeatedly. As simple as that.

One must like the site in the first place, before even deciding to return to it. Since we are talking about revisit, we will take it for granted that the person has taken a liking to the website. Now, it is about revisit.

Reasons for Revisit:

  • Content: Happening sites have high traffic of revisits. That is because content updating happens on a dynamic basis. For example, a site that puts up stock market figures will have users virtually glued to the site. In this case, the very nature of information provided by the site creates the revisits. Quality content can also include articles and guest articles from respected writers in the industry.
  • RSS Feeds: Visitors often look forward to the newsfeeds from agencies on a periodic basis.
  • Personalisation: Readers love it when they get to see some highly relevant messages, based on their individual needs and preferences.
  • Incentives: Most readers will become repeat visitors if they are given the hook of an attractive reward for doing some actions on a particular time and date. It could be a contest that opens on a specific date and time.
  • E-mail newsletters and custom alerts: These are also proven ways of increasing revisits. Readers do look forward to the next editions of popular journals/webcasts. If timely announcements are made about the highlights of the new issue, traffic due to revisits can be high.
  • Social media: Information regarding updates on the publications can emanate from the social media as well. Readers need information about content updates. It could reach them through email/SMS alert/social media.

Thus, revisits could be voluntary or induced through information vehicles like e-newsletter or alert or social media. It can be voluntary like in the case of a movie magazine, which can attract film buffs without any extra effort. It needs to be induced for serious sites like online management journals.

Priyali Hooda

Priyali Hooda is the Senior Product Manager and Digital Media Consultant at KREATIO.