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A mobile-first mkt calls for a consumer-first approach

India is already dubbed a mobile-first market not only because of the number of handsets in the country or the growth of smartphones but also because of the manner in which consumers are interacting with their mobile devices. But what does this mean for the marketing and communication industry. Aiming to answer this question at Mobillion India 2015, Dhanashree Sant, Head of Digital at JWT India observed that after ‘Roti, Kapada aur Makaan’, mobile phone has emerged as the fourth basic necessity for every household in India.

Arnab Mitra, Managing Director of LIQVD Asia emphasised on the power of mobile and said that mobile is responsible for getting digital to life and being the primary source of consumption now, it has transformed the marketing dynamics by giving more power to the consumer.

Marketing has to be moulded in a manner that puts the consumer at the centre, observed Ashutosh Gupta, Director of Marketing Solutions in India at LinkedIn. Following the general market convention, LinkedIn has also seen a large number of consumer accessing the platform through the mobile device.

Mobile application can be attributed as the strongest innovation in the mobile ecosystem and Nilay Arora, Vice President of Marketing and Business Head at India of WeChat reiterated this, adding, “People cannot only distribute application to the market but must build an ecosystem.” WeChat is working as a catalyst in building an mini app for the brand/advertiser on its platform, he added. But going forward he expects evolution in the messaging app journey in India.

Content in the mobile world has also transformed as people are accessing different mobile platforms in search of information. “We have a variety of audience and they are trying to discover content more via different media,” informed Sagnik Ghosh, Head of Marketing at Axis Bank.

The advent of mobile has given birth to a number of marketing opportunities in India besides missed call and similar ad format, but it requires bold and innovative marketing strategies from mobile marketers in the country to educate the consumer about the device and explore possibilities in the space.

Marketing pundits summed up the discussion stating that before Indian advertiser go for the mobile-first approach, they must follow the consumer-first approach and look after the pain of the consumer and look for way to resolve the same. And that will help the marketers bank on the mobile story in India.