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AAMI crashes family movie night in new spot

AAMI has released a new film that packs some punch as part of its ‘Not Very Insurancey’ brand platform, delivered by Ogilvy Melbourne.

In the latest instalment, a typical Aussie family is enjoying a 3D movie night while watching an action-packed car chase, and they get served more than just pizza for dinner. As the thrills unfold, classic catchphrases, memorable characters and comedic storytelling collide in typical AAMI fashion.

This idea shows that when the unexpected happens, you can count on AAMI to deliver quick and easy online claims.

Says Michelle Martinis, Executive Manager, AAMI Brand and Marketing, ‘‘AAMI not only enjoys entertaining customers with content that customers love, AAMI works hard to help customers prevent and recover quickly from life’s little or big mishaps, and our quick and easy online claims functionality is further proof of this.’’

Says David Ponce de Leon, ECD, Ogilvy Melbourne, ‘‘In these heady times of 3D, 4D, AR and VR, it’s getting harder for everybody to tell the difference between what’s real and what’s not. Unfortunately, nothing gets more real than the unexpected happening to you and your family. We wanted to bring this insight to life and remind Australians that no matter how unbelievable a situation is, you can count on AAMI, and capture the event to lodge a quick and easy online claim.

The film is currently airing nationally through a variety of channels including FTV, STV, YouTube, Facebook & Instagram.

This piece follows quickly in the footsteps of a cat named Lorraine – a pesky little cat burglar promoting AAMI Renters Insurance, karate kids and a dad’s clumsy moves promoting AAMI Life Insurance and a new twist on the story of Excalibur told through the eyes of Aussie ‘tradies’ promoting AAMI Business Insurance,