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Ad tech firm Pixels rebrands as DaVinci 11

Pixels, a multi-screen advertising technology company in Asia, unveiled its new name, DaVinci 11. The move unifies its identity with its parent company, and paves way for the introduction of more innovative and personalized digital marketing solutions for brands in Asia.

“Asia plays an integral role in our business globally, and it is mission critical that we are well-positioned to cater to the evolving needs of our clients,” said Kamal Kaur, CEO and Chairwoman, DaVinci 11. “Unifying our Asia brand with our global presence reinforces our commitment to bringing cutting-edge solutions and best practices from around the world to Asia, and to help brands effectively engage the right consumers in a fast-changing digital world.”

The rebranding is part of a global exercise that unifies all offices under one name. The name DaVinci 11 reflects its leading position and commitment in merging “The Art and Science of 1:1 Marketing” towards brand marketing. The company is dedicated to developing digital marketing solutions that leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology to bring higher value across the industry.

“As a leading advertising technology company, our business has always evolved with the times and we continuously find innovative ways to help brands stay relevant and reach their target audience at the right time, right place with the right message,” said Kevin Huang, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, DaVinci 11. “We believe now is the right time to align with our global identity, as we move into an era where data science has become an essential aspect in the art of marketing.”

Globally, DaVinci 11 announced in early 2017 its entrance into the artificial intelligence sector with MonaLisa, an AI engine designed to disrupt the software industry through automation. It provides unparalleled access to the cutting-edge data science with its focus on predictive targeting. In September 2017, the company also launched its blockchain subsidiary Lydian.io, which focuses on providing AI marketing cloud servicing the blockchain sector.

In Asia, DaVinci 11 will look to offer a suite of new AI-based tools to complement its successful Programmatic Advertising Solutions, which has seen increasing adoption in the region, particularly in Hong Kong, Taiwan and South East Asia.

“Mobile devices have become the essential tools that consumers use in making real-time or delayed decisions, from consuming information to making purchases and deciding on business and leisure activities. With artificial intelligence, we can help brands better anticipate people’s interests and strategically place them into a consumer’s consideration set,” said Mr Huang.

DaVinci 11’s ad platforms in Asia reaches over 8.5 million users per month across all digital screens, and penetrates 88 per cent of the Hong Kong’s smartphone users according to audited data by comScore.

While technology is at the core of DaVinci 11’s business, its focus on client success is also centered around the human touch which is often neglected by others. With a team of digital marketing professionals and campaign optimizers, who average more than 10 years of experience in Asia, DaVinci 11 provides the local market insights and recommendations required for clients to succeed. By consistently measuring the effectiveness of advertisers’ marketing campaigns, DaVinci 11’s professionals assist them in optimizing their tactics to efficiently reach desired customers with desired outcomes.