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Adap.tv unveils video advertising app centre

As TV and video advertising continue on a path of rapid convergence, the media buyers and sellers are often plagued with the problem of managing different technologies that move from television to online. Most often the brand marketers are forced to manually cobble together these technologies needed to combine the rich storytelling of TV with the accountability of online video. To solve this issue of managing various brand advertising technologies Adap.tv has launched its App Centre for video advertising. Built on Adap.tv’s open platform, the App Centre is a centralised place for buyers and sellers to discover, implement, and manage best-in-breed brand ad technologies for TV and video from inside the Adap.tv console.

“Given the complexities of the video ad landscape, the promise of TV and video advertising cannot be fulfilled by one, single company. What buyers and sellers need is a platform that aggregates all the best brand technologies and provides automated tools to manage them,” said Teg Grenager, co-founder and vice president of Adap.tv. The centre will be open to advertisers by the end of this month.Today, there are over one hundred ad tech providers in the video advertising ecosystem, and until now, there was no streamlined way for buyers and sellers to easily access and manage all of them. The Adap.tv App Centre allows third party developers to embed capabilities such as data, rich media, measurement and verification into the Adap.tv console, giving users the ability to explore and implement new apps from a single interface, thus consolidating the workflow into a few simple clicks.

Innovid, an interactive video advertising technology provider, is a charter developer on the Adap.tv Platform and is now available in the Adap.tv App Centre. “The partnership with Adap.tv will open up our interactive video creation tools to even greater channels of distribution via the Adap.tv App Centre. The world’s largest advertising and media companies are doing business on the Adap.tv Platform.  This integration will provide increased efficiency to the buyers and sellers looking to add engaging interactive pre-rolls quickly and to distribute them across the network easily added Zvika Netter, CEO of Innovid.

Adap.tv clients can look forward to a variety of apps being available in the App Centre from leading providers of audience data, measurement, verification, privacy compliancy and context targeting.