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AdAsia Holdings partners with adloox on ad-verification solutions

AdAsia Holdings, an end-to-end advertising solutions provider and part of AnyMind Group, has signed a partnership with adloox, a global independent ad-verification and insights platform. Through their partnership, AdAsia Holdings will offer advertisers and publishers best-in-class ad-verification for brand safety, fraud and viewability as part of their solutions.

Advertisers will have access to the third-party verification tools provided by adloox through the AdAsia Premium Marketplace – previously the AdAsia Ad Network and AdAsia Video Network. The recently rebranded AdAsia Premium Marketplace provides advertisers with a transparent programmatic solution across display, native and video advertising on desktop and mobile. AdAsia Holdings will also leverage advanced brand safety technology from adloox to automatically block a brand’s advertisements from serving on any possible unsafe or objectionable content.

Publishers will have access to adloox tools and insights through the AdAsia Digital Platform for Publishers, a solution that provides publishers with enhanced revenue streams, pricing optimization and proprietary automatic in-article insertion technology – providing publishers with access to verification tools that can identify inventory viewability and invalid traffic.

“This is in line with our product philosophy for the past two years, to bring greater transparency in advertising through our solutions. We want to provide further growth for both advertisers and publishers, and ultimately deliver impetus for driving the industry to the next stage, and our partnership with adloox does just that,” said Otohiko Kozutsumi, COO and co-founder, AdAsia Holdings and AnyMind Group.

“Adloox is delighted to partner with AdAsia to bring increased transparency and actionable insights to the AdAsia Premium Marketplace platform. The partnership brings together two leading advocates committed to eradicating fraudulent and non-viewable online practices,” said Romain Bellion, CEO and co-founder of adloox.

Access to adloox is immediately available in the 11 Asian markets AdAsia Holdings is in.