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AdColony partners with Moat, IAS & DoubleVerify on metrics

AdColony, the in-app video marketplace, is fully compatible with major viewability measurement partners for both programmatic and managed service campaigns. AdColony has partnered with Integral Ad Science (IAS), MOAT and DoubleVerify, providing a range of options that will give AdColony customers the flexibility to work with the ad quality measurement vendor of their choice.

According to a 2017 Credit Suisse survey of marketing professionals responsible for a combined spend of USD 21 billion, nearly a third of respondents claimed viewability was their number one concern in digital advertising. This figure was over a 50 per cent increase from a similar study done in 2016. Leading brands like Procter & Gamble have also gone on record claiming they believe that 20 to 30 per cent of media spend is wasted due to a lack viewability and transparency.

Unlike online or mobile web solutions, which can integrate viewability partners with a simple tag, the in-app environment requires complex technology integrations at the SDK level. The integration challenges have led to a lack of adoption for mobile in-app advertising measurement solutions.

“User-initiated in-app video is proving to be the most effective ad format in digital media, and we’ve seen that compared to mobile web, the in-app experience is more user friendly and brings better results. However, the lack of transparency has held the space back. We want to make in-app advertising 100 percent transparent, and when marketers can compare in-app to other formats in a measurable way, we are confident that they will continue to shift spend into the space,” said Şekip Can Gökalp, EVP, exchange at AdColony.