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Affle’s Anuj Kumar on data making a difference in digital mktg

For the last eight years Affle has been involved in data collection and analysis while many continue to struggle with the complexities of digital marketing in India. In the last one year, where the country has seen unprecedented growth in the domain, Anuj Kumar, Co-founder and Managing Director of Affle tells us how data is making a difference in the way we look at marketing in the digital space.

“Data helps in making the interaction with the consumer more personalised and focussed,” said Mr Kumar. As we move towards 2015, data is going to be among the key drivers for the marketing industry. “We do not refer to ourselves as an advertising company, we refer to ourselves as a data company,” he added.

Marketers have unanimously agreed that it is important to reach the most relevant user and thereby optimise the effectiveness of an ad campaign. Mr Kumar added that mobile phones helps you access data that is more than data offered by any other device. For instance, mobile handset owned by an individual gives you information about his purchasing power whereas laptop or PC models are similar across all levels. Also, the telecom circle helps you track the location of the user.

Beyond this there is also a large amount of social data that is created by the consumer across levels. Brands are increasingly relying on customers as not only consumers of content but as also source of generation of content for the industry. They use the social platform to share information about the product among their peer group which later translates in to advertising content for the brand.

But the challenge for the marketers is to use this data in the most efficient manner and Affle is engaged in integrating this data and using it to reach the audience, explained Mr Kumar. The purpose of creating an end-to-end platform now is that all this data can reside at a single source, he added.

“We deploy data analysis and complex algorithms to capture data information that will help the brand to reach the relevant users in an efficient manner with minimum leakages. Data is cross leveraged across various levels by engaging the consumer, that is the main building block for us,” said Mr Kumar.

Going forward, Mr Kumar also hinted on the programmatic wave in the digital marketing space in India and this is where the data about the consumer comes into play. “In real time bidding in programmatic buying, data is crucial. Through this strategy the advertisers finds a match between the requirement of the consumer and the requirement of the advertiser. Therefore, the consumer gets a more refined experience which is of higher relevance to him,” he added.

In this competitive age of mobile advertising, customisation is the key. Data helps the advertisers to customise the data for the users, which eventually leads to keeping the users hooked to the product. Past consumption for each users will differ which can help in customising what each customer gets form the application. “And seeing the ‘app clutter’ which is happening now I see more brands adopting the strategy of customisation in the years to come,” Mr Kumar added.