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And now an app to fight corruption in India’s Capital

India’s fight against corruption has touched all strata of the society and the government is doing it share in providing effective means to fight against corruption. On the lines of the Digital India plan, the government is getting tech savvy and looking into the realm of digital media in India for the same.

Following the response to Delhi’s anti corruption helpline number, Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister of Delhi  has launched an anti-corruption mobile application that will help people record sting operations of officials accepting bribes.

With the smartphone application, Mr Kejriwal moves a step forward from the phone helpline and addresses the digitally connected population in the Indian Capital city that is more focussed on the nation-wide digital wave. Nikaash Puri, Co-founder of Alibi Technologies believes that this extension of the anti-corruption movement is more of an empowering tool for the people but only time can tell its effectiveness against the helpline.

Mr Kejriwal first came into limelight on back of the nationwide anti corruption movement that was launched by Anna Hazare in 2011 that took the nation by storm. Following the movement, Mr Kejriwal formed the Aam Aadmi Party in late 2012 and formed the Delhi government with sweeping victory earlier this month.

In its earlier stint at Delhi Chief Minister from Dec 28, 2013 to Feb 14, 2014, Mr Kejriwal’s phone helpline has garnered tremendous response from the public of Delhi. “Within seven hours of the first day of its launch there were 3900 complaints received out of which 53 complaints were of a grave nature,” Mr Kejriwal had stated.

Taking this a step up, Mr Kejriwal has launched the application for the android platform that will directly uplink the video to the government’s server in a bid to avoid deletion of the content on the mobile handset.

However, the app has a few demerits that may restrict its popularity among the non-tech savvy users. The app is largely dependent on the strength of the data connection, else there should be an option to save the video on the phone device if the internet connectivity is flawed, said Mr Puri. Also, the government will have to fulfill the cumbersome task of sifting and sieving serious content from a large pool of data on the server, he added.

Mr Puri has also suggested a number of features that can be incorporated in the anti-corruption app such as encrypting the data to keep the details of the user and the video secure and safe. The government must focus on making the app as user friendly as possible because it is going to the ease of access of the application that will complement its reach among the people of Delhi.