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Another lesson from Twitter for Facebook – Embedded Posts

Facebook doesn’t shy from learning what is working in the marketplace and then integrating it into its own offer for users. With the objective of being part of public conversations, a feature that marketers love, Facebook has now introduced Embedded Posts that will allow its users to bring their public posts from Facebook to other web properties. Essentially, a Facebook post now would have larger visibility and it would be possible for Facebook to loop back similar interest topics from the rest of the web, to Facebook.

Embedded Posts will let people add public posts from Facebook to their blog or website. When embedded, posts can include pictures, videos, hashtags and other content. People can like, share and also follow the post, and even the post authors, directly from the embed.

The feature marks Facebook’s evolution from being a place of private discussions amongst ‘Friends’ to become part of more large scale conversations that forms the core of Twitter’s offer, and has also contributed to Twitter’s success in gauging public mood and sentiment towards a subject. This feature has worked well for marketers since they can capitalise on, or create their own, talking points and bring it all under the same hashtag, which then helps in understanding user feedback to any marketing initiative.

This is the second big step from Facebook in its attempt to now also be ‘the’ place for public conversations. Prior to this, emulating another Twitter feature, Facebook had introduced hashtags that enable bringing all conversations on a particular topic under the same page.

Facebook has taken steps for those users who are still wary about their privacy on the social network. Hence, only posts set to public can be embedded on other websites. However, the user has to be careful about his privacy settings to be able to take advantage of this clause.

This is the third feature that Facebook has learnt from rival Twitter – verified pages and hashtags – being the previous two.

While Facebook has begun the initiative with select publications, it is targeting a broader rollout. A Facebook blog post quoted, “Every day, public figures, journalists and millions of regular people share their thoughts on what’s happening around the world on Facebook publicly. To start, we’re working with CNN, Huffington Post, Bleacher Report, PEOPLE and Mashable so those publications can embed public Facebook posts, with broader availability soon.”