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Arnab’s blog: Internet of Things – the changing face of digital marketing

Arnab Mitra, LIQVD Asia

I am inspired by two studies, the McKinsey Consumer Decision Journey, (20,000 consumers in three continents and five verticals, 2010) and ZMOT – or the Zeroth Moment of Truth (based on a study run by Google and Shopper Sciences early in 2012, looking at the purchase journey for 3,000 shoppers in tech, CPG, auto and finance). While they differ in details and action-ability, they provide a framework to understand and master the complexities of a completely fragmented customer journey. ZMOT provided a framework for seamless digital ubiquity across multiple touch-points. What’s increasingly happening is what is known as the ‘Internet of things’.

The acceleration and ubiquity of HTTP has made it possible to layer interactivity onto the 3D space (a restaurant, venue, stadium etc.), that is real time, social and capable of scaling quickly. Everything now has an HTTP layer. (Newspapers of the future will be made of interactive plastics that run TCP/IP and are biodegradable to boot). The web is more interoperable, meaning a more seamless experience, completely seamless for Social experiences and building of a consistent Social Graph.

While this is exciting from a communications standpoint, it makes the measurement and discovery of the ‘story’ even more challenging for marketers and practitioners. We will soon be looking for a Single Cookie across platforms, devices and time in general, that will measure all touch points with the brand. But that will take time, until we’re all implanted with RFID tags or something else that lets our brains and bodies plug in to the HTTP with some sort of arduino device.

What this means for Practioners?
The skillsets of understanding the possibilities offered up by Space-Time HTTP Ubiquity and translating this into actual business and marketing outcomes for brands are complex, technical and Creative Minds that understand mash-ups, APIs and are sometimes really from Outer Space (just joking). Strange and beautiful, like that song by Joe Satriani!

At LIQVD Asia, we have a vision of being early adopters in the monetisation of Space-Time HTTP Ubiquity. We will combine principles of ZMOT mastery (Hyperlocality, cross-media agnosticism, completely obsessive and smart measurement and attribution, and the ability to story-tell) in this age of Brand Identity Curation (which is about brands being the net outcome of the conversations their stories spark within the Social Graph – but more about that later).

This strange goulash of skills will increasingly be sought after by brands as they try and manage this new strange and beautiful world of Internet of Things.

We are getting ready for the new 2013, where are you?

The author, Arnab Mitra, is the Managing Director of LIQVD Asia

Arnab Mitra

The author, Arnab Mitra, is an Editorial Consultant with Digital Market Asia