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As Apple eyes Primesense, Intel acquires Omek Interactive

Apple may still be working on the details to acquire Israel based 3D sensor specialist Primesense, but according to reports, Intel has gone ahead and coughed up USD 40 million to buy out Israeli gesture-recognition and tracking company, Omek Interactive.

The deal is said to help Intel in its pursuit to enhance user experience by offering the best in perpetual computing and gesture recognition.

Omek provides middleware and tools that can add gesture recognition and tracking interfaces to applications. The company’s range of products include Omek Grasp, Omek Beckon for close range and long range body tracking and also comes with other advanced developer tools.

It is understood that Intel is likely to take more initiatives that would help it in its offer of gesture recognition. The Omek team too would work closely with Intel’s perceptual computing division to make the most of this deal.

Unlike Apple, which would use a service such as Primesense to augment its own devices, for Intel, the play would be different. A service that would work across devices was crucial to Intel and it believes that Omek’s open strategy addresses this requirement.