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Asian CEOs lag in social media

Chief executive officers in the Asia-Pacific region were less active on social media in 2012 than two years earlier, according to a new study. 
Weber Shandwick, the PR company, tracked the activities of CEOs from the top 50 companies listed in the Fortune Global 500 rankings, including 15 from the US, 21 from Europe, 11 in Asia-Pacific and three in Latin America. It examined social networks, blogs, company YouTube channels and company websites.
The findings show the sociability of these CEOs almost doubled over the past two years, from 36% to 66%. The main reasons for this are an increased visibility on their companies’ websites, up from 32% to 50%, and their more widespread video presence, up from 18% to 40%.
While most CEOs engaged through their corporate websites, only 18% participated on social networks with Facebook the preferred option. But no CEOs had a presence on regional networks, such as Weibo in China and me2day in Korea. Nor did any have company-affiliated blogs. And no CEOs in the study from either APAC or Latin America had social network accounts.
The study does raise the issue of fake social network accounts containing inaccurate or false information about CEOs or companies and suggests how CEOs can take greater charge of their communications, both online and offline.

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