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Ask yourself the important question…”Why?”

2012 continues to fly by and here at Xpand we are busy closing off our financial year and putting the finishing touches to our strategy and new and revised initiatives for next year (1st July onwards). An important and critical part of this planning process has been to review how we performed last year. Like all businesses we need to focus on what we can learn from and iterate with a ‘new and improved’ version as we build on our service levels and continually aim to surpass these.

Acknowledging that Talent Acquisition continues to play an even more crucial role in not just an HR Department’s but overall organisation’s armoury in today’s market, I believe that businesses need to be acutely aware of their Employee Engagement strategy not just with their current workforce but critically with the attraction of talent in an increasingly competitive landscape. I have spoken about the ‘War For Talent’ formalised by McKinsey’s in one of my previous articles but have recently spent more time thinking of differentiating factors and why people would use recruiters on this ‘battlefield’. The key is the access and ear of the best available talent out there, activating great people with the right spark of attraction – very few people are not open to building an awareness of what opportunities are available.

With the digital employment market moving as quickly as it has, now and in the future, it becomes even more imperative for us to play an integral role in understanding the market, the technologies, the trends and obviously those individuals that can play a key role in driving those businesses in this rapid state of evolution.

For a while now, as a business we have promoted the paramount importance of candidates and even more so the candidate ‘relationship’. We have built a clear strategy around this with our ‘Candidate First’ model. At the heart of this ‘Candidate First’ model is the experience you have when you engage with us through every step of the recruitment cycle. Fundamental to this engagement must be the feeling of partnership, trust and commitment you feel. Sounds like the criteria for a long term ‘social relationship’ doesn’t it? – Well it should, and the same sense of partnership should absolutely apply.

We recently had a team session internally at Xpand where we asked ourselves the question – “Why do we do what we do?” and “What do we believe in and value in our job” and “Why should a candidate work with Xpand and me versus the hundreds of other recruiters out there?” The results and feedback was very interesting but most insightful was the commitment to immersing ourselves in a process and sharing the candidate journey as a true counsel….or partner. For our consultants, finding the right candidate for the right job is less about the matching, and more about establishing and fostering friendships beyond the confines of the recruitment process. At Xpand, WHY do we do what we do? Because we believe in the power of relationships and value our candidate’s happiness.

This “Why?” approach can and should be applied across all businesses. For us, it really draws out some key values we are passionate about and will continue to strive towards in the candidate experience you have. I welcome any feedback you have on this topic as I firmly believe that the point of difference in an increasingly brokered recruitment market is your consultant and the trust you have in them in managing crucial career transitions. Whilst we can always improve on this, as long as we are asking ourselves ‘Why?’ then we are already on the right path…