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Arvind Pani

Arvind had seen this gap, which he terms "Digital Language Divide" way back in 2000 and had been looking for an opportunity to address it. However, the mobile phones during those times were considered luxury and language was not a major hindrance. That changed significantly in the last part of the decade and Arvind along with his 2 other co-founders believed it was the right time to start Reverie. He also believed that the challenge of languages could not be solved by addressing any one section of the problem. Thus Arvind envisaged the 3 segments of language usage - text consumption, interaction, and automated processing as the building blocks of Reverie's language platform. Prior to starting Reverie, Arvind worked for Intel, L&T and SAIL in various capacities. Arvind has done his graduation in engineering from National Institute of Technology, Rourkela.
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