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Bank on consumer journey for effective mktg: Marzin Shroff, Eureka Forbes

There are many brands in India that are trying to tackle the mobile story for effective marketing. On the back of the tremendous opportunities in the space, many have enter the space successfully and some are just about surviving. One of the more successful examples in the market is Eureka Forbes.

Speaking at Mobillion India 2015, Marzin R Shroff, Chief Executive Officer of Direct Sales and Vice President of Marketing at Eureka Forbes insisted that despite immense opportunities in the space, it is critical that the businesses find synergy in mobile marketing. Eureka Forbes works on the principle on catching the consumer in the first 30 seconds after his interaction with the brand and sales executive closest to the geography of the consumer to acquires him. He divulged that about 34 per cent of consumer comes through mobile alone.

Eureka Forbes has developed its mobile platform by gaining consumer information through online questionnaire form and its mobile application, explained Mr Shroff. This helped the brand transcend to a consumer-centric approach. It is essential that the consumer gets the same message irrespective of the technology or the device the consumer he is using.

Among its most intriguing innovations in the market, the ability of the water purifier to detect the taste preference of the consumer has garnered much appreciation for the brand. It plays on the principle that 70 per cent of the human body is water and this is what it has reflected in all of its advertising campaigns.


Marzin Shroff & Charulata Ravi Kumar at Mobillion India

His Leadership Address at Mobillion India 2015 was followed by a conversation with Charulata Ravi Kumar, Chief Executive Officer of Razorfish India who expressed the concern that high use of technology in marketing may replace the aspect of human touch in the process of marketing. But Mr Shroff was of the opinion that in marketing and advertising brands must look beyond mobile technology and understand the journey of the consumer that will help the brand in effective marketing.

Furthermore, Ms Ravi Kumar shared her experience with Eureka Forbes which complied with the principle of acquiring the customer in the first 30 seconds of the consumer’s interaction with the brand.In his advertising message Mr Shroff have used strong celebrities that resonate with the brand image of Eureka Forbes. And he has used the same message across devices.