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Bohemia & Sizmek sign strategic partnership

Bohemia, the independent media and growth agency, has entered into a strategic partnership with Sizmek, the independent buy-side advertising platform. The partnership will deliver enhanced digital media performance for Bohemia’s growing client list which includes News.com.au, Plush, Schneider Electric, Caltex, Freedom and Racing Victoria.

As part of the partnership, Bohemia and Sizmek have created a bespoke Target Audience Guaranteed Solution (“TAG”) which will offer Bohemia clients a risk-free, 100 per cent on-target audience, 100 per cent viewable media buy, verified by Nielsen (audience) and Integral Ad Science (viewability).

Put simply, this market-first initiative will offer Bohemia’s clients zero risk when running programmatic campaigns and will drive significantly enhanced performance, media and brand results.

Additionally, Bohemia’s clients will benefit from deeper access to the world-class programmatic intelligence, data and creative optimisation capabilities of Sizmek’s newly overhauled Demand Side Platform (DSP).

The partnership is symbolic of Bohemia’s focus on delivering transparency and client-centricity to the media industry with James Collier, Head of Performance at Bohemia, commenting: “Bohemia was founded to challenge the media status quo. Unfortunately, much of today’s programmatic market still requires the client to accept a level of questionable delivery.”

“As an agency, we wanted to find a solution and a path back to trust and confidence in programmatic marketing. Our partnership with Sizmek and the development of the Target Audience Guaranteed (TAG) product does just that. Furthermore, it opens the door to further client-centric product development which both businesses are excited to explore.”

Peter Hunter, Sizmek’s recently appointed APAC General Manager said, “The partnership with Bohemia is indicative of Sizmek’s renewed focus on delivering innovative, transparent and effective results for clients across Australia and the wider APAC region. We’re leading the way when it comes to creating bespoke client solutions and creating successful, long term relationships with agencies.”

He continued, “Since re-launching Sizmek’s AI-powered DSP in July 2018 we have established a truly world-class solution that enables data, creative, and media to work together to drive exceptional outcomes for clients.”