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BPI transforms mobiles into POS devices

There’s soon going to be a new scenario in the mobile commerce segment in Philippines, as the Bank of Philippine Islands is starting to deploy an innovative solution that will transform a mobile phone or WiFi-enabled tablet into a mobile Point-of-Sale (mPOS) system. The BPI mPOS launched recently at Quezon City’s leading food and nightlife market Cucina Andare night market is aimed to help business owners use their iOS or Anroid mobile devices to accept credit card payment from their customers.

This is expected to revolutionise the way payments can be made and accepted by the businesses in the country. The Bank is also working on a Blackberry version, and is expected to extend this to ATM cards as well. The mPOS works through an app which the user will have to download along with attaching a card swiping dongle onto their mobile phone or tablet. The system works by scanning the card information and transmitting to the bank’s central server via WiFi or mobile cellular connections.

The statemet from the Bank said that the service is secure and the application is disabled from saving credit card information as per the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCIDSS) and Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) in the country which ensures the card owners privacy and data security. The device will not be issuing payment slips, but the cred card owner will be asked to sign in using a smart pen on the tablet or the phone, and a purchase confirmation email will be sent out to the customer.

The mPOS solution will be piloted on about 600 devices owned by business owners over a six-month period. BPI is working with Singapore-based systems integrator Swiff to roll out this service in the area.