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Brands need to address women’s self confidence

In a recent CSR campaign created by Touchmedia and presented by Marie France Bodyline (MFB) in China it was found that over 90 percent of the voters chose ‘Self Confidence’ as the most important factor in women’s beauty. The campaign called ‘BeautyGPS’ saw over 20,000 women registering via TouchMedia’s network of in-taxi screens in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

This large scale voting by women pointing towards self confidence as the key factor in looking beautiful brings to the fore how beauty and lifestyle brands can create meaningful campaigns to attract the women.

Extending this campaign, Touchmedia and MFB, one of the popular network of slimming centres in Asia held a ‘BeautyGPS’ workshop to help women discover their inner and outer beauty. In fact MFB sponsored sessions on grooming, weigh management etc. Talking about the campaign, Micky Fung, founder and executive chairman of Touchmedia explained, “Touchmedia wants to encourage women to feel good about themselves and to embrace their individual and unique beauty by reflecting on their inherent inner and outer assets. When women feel good about themselves, they are more confident, which makes them more powerful in their roles in the family, community, workplace and life.”

According to Touchmedia, Beauty GPS” is meant to help women in China understand that beauty for each woman is unique, the result of her own background, circumstances, education, travel, culture, knowledge, motherhood, charitable activities, family, personal grooming, hair, clothes, makeup, talents, experiences, personality and impact on others. “In a sense, a woman’s mastery of her own beauty is a very personal voyage, a balance of inner and outer beauty, with “Beauty GPS” beside them to offer encouragement and inspiration,” added Fung.

To create this campaign Touchmedia not only used in-taxi interactive screens but also social media site weibo to create a microblog that encouraged women to air their views about beauty and self confidence. Along with that Touchmedia showcased three women who reflect different faces of beauty, and demonstrate an attractive combination of inner and outer qualities. Touchmedia’s Beauty GPS campaign had posed a series of thought provoking questions such as “Where do I find my Beauty” and statements such as “I have lost my beauty.” In response to the question “What kind of woman is most beautiful?”, several thousand responses were submitted via the “Beauty GPS” microblog. The most often repeated response was “self-confidence” about 94 percent; second highest was “kindness” about 75 percent; and third was, “a woman who has both inner and outer beauty” about 62 percent.

This was the first ‘BeautyGPS’ event to be held, which Touchmedia plans to take forward in future editions to involve more women. This event also provides many lifestyle brands in China to interact with women in a more creative way.