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Brands take the ‘ecommerce-only’ route

The year of 2014 has seen an unprecedented rise of ecommerce wave in India with the flood of discounts in the marketplace with flash sales, festive discounts and foreign players such as Amazon also joining the party in order to increase their market share in India. But one of the distinguishing features of ecommerce in India is that of brands launching products exclusively on Indian ecommerce platform.

One of the famous examples in this league is that of Motorola which launched its smartphones exclusively on Flipkart with no other alternate distribution channel. Digital Market Asia in association with Knowlarity launched the first leg of me-commerce roundtable discussions – ‘When Brands take the ecommerce route’ where industry experts drilled into the domain of brands launching their products exclusively on the online platform.

“Brands which are purely getting launched on ecommerce without a distribution network such as Motorola, they are striking it rich because from them there is no backend they need to take care of,” said Ranjoy Dey, Head Digital, Havas Media.

The ecommerce platform offers a whole new set of possibilities for the brand. “If there is a brand which is not on the platform already, it has lost out on the opportunity, “ expressed Akash Deep Batra, Regional Digital Market and Ecommerce Manager (APAC), Nestle.

Brands are already debating between whether they should bet on the existing ecommerce platform or launch their own platform, but they cannot afford to ignore the opportunities on the ecommerce platform.

“Brands have to succeed on the ecommerce platform as it is a whole new channel that is helping the consumer skip the modern trade phenomenon,” said Gautham Maediratta, General Manager of Digital and Mobility, Omnicom Media Group India.

In the digital marketing scenario, consumers are not only consuming the brand story that is being served to them, simultaneously they are also forming their own brand story based on their individual experience. Besides the product they are offering, brands also need to work on the customer relationship in order to maintain a sustainable marketing model on the online space.

“Going forward, brands should be able to invest in technology, also invest in the capability of the organisation itself to imbibe digital culture into the organisation,” said Benedict Hayes, Vice President and Head of Strategy, iProspect Communicate2.