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Bridging the gap with mobile

Mobile is the platform for next generation of advertising. The statistics show the potential, and the industry big wigs agree that this is where the brands should be. Now the big question is not why, but how the brands can get on the mobile platform and make this the part of their brand marketing ecosystem.

This was the key point of discussion at the recently concluded Mobile Marketing Association Forum held in Singapore. The market figures show that across the region mobile is the first point of contact for brands with the consumers because this is one device that is always on, and is the prime source of communication for all the consumers. During his presentation at MMAF, Ashutosh Srivastav, CEO, Mindshare Asia said, “The marketers and brands need to look at mobile as a central touchpoint, not as a separate platform.” Similar sentiment was expressed by Michael Bayle, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Mobile, ESPN, who said that mobile occupied the central position today in brand communication since it is the bridge that connected fans to all media.

This point brought forth the issue of how the brands can leverage upon the strong presence of mobile devices in the consumers’ lives. “Consumer behaviour is never static. The brands need to focus on not just what they are doing but also where their appetite for content is taking them,” said Srikant Raju, head ecosystem, APAC, Nokia. That is why there is a need to re-imagine mobile, creatively and otherwise, as Barney Loehnis, Head, Digital, Asia Pacific for Ogilvy & Mather pointed out. “Integration of other media around mobile helps to create a level of engagement that has always been lacking, letting consumers move effortlessly from online to offline to online,” he added. One thing became clear during the discussions is that mobile should not be seen as an independent platform but as a complement to other advertising platforms whether online or offline. It has to become the first point of contact with the consumers which will drive them to other media and evolve their purchase decision.

“Brands are coming to understand that mobile is the key to engaging campaigns, when used alongside traditional media. Brands need to create the “aha!” moment for consumers. Mobile creates engagement at every point in the purchasing funnel for the digitally-savvy consumer,” explained Rohit Dadwal, MD, Mobile Marketing Association APAC. During the concluding panel discussion at the MMAF Rahul Welde, VP media, Asia, Africa, Middle East, & Turkey, Unilever, wrapped things up by saying that this is the most incredibly exciting time for marketers and mobile is the largest untapped opportunity that gives marketers the chance to collaborate and unify every aspect of marketing to release this untapped potential.