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Brightcove launches content exchange initiative

To give media customers easy access to broad library of premium video content, Australia based Brightcove one of the leading providers of cloud content services, has launched the Brightcove Content Exchange initiative. Under this the company has brought together a select group of Brightcove partners with large libraries of high quality online video, including AOL Video, Diagonal View, Internet Video Archive, NewsLook, ScreenPlay, Inc., and Touchstorm. This collective video content will now be available to media publishers who use the Brightcove Video Cloud online video platform.

Explaining the launch of this service, Chris Johnston, director of technology partnerships, Brightcove, said, “Most media publishers have limited resources to scale in-house video production, making it prohibitively expensive to satisfy viewers’ constantly-growing appetite for fresh content. The Brightcove Content Exchange initiative makes large amounts of relevant, professionally-produced video content easily available and facilitates multi-party revenue-sharing arrangements.” Brightcove Content Exchange partners have already stocked their Video Cloud accounts with broad libraries of video content across hundreds of categories including news, sports, entertainment, and how-to. According to Johnston, Brightcove facilitates the business introductions between Content Exchange partners and other publishers so the two parties can transact directly for licensing agreements and advertising revenue economics.

Moreover Johnston feels that the publishers who avail of this service will be able to focus on customers better and attract better brand pull. “Media publishers know that the breadth and depth of their content library directly influences their success with online video, since more content attracts more viewers, brings them back more frequently, keeps them engaged for longer periods of time, and makes a site more discoverable by search engines,” he said. In fact Brightcove Content Exchange initiative enables Video Cloud media customers to access libraries of third-party video content and to execute advertising strategies around licensed content.

It not only benefits the publishers but also the participating Content Exchange partners as they get a streamlined access to new clients and distribution through Brightcove Video Cloud media industry customers around the world. Video Cloud’s Media Sharing capability then allows content to be shared between content partners and specified publishers, enabling the content owners to retain essential controls while giving publishers the ability to determine how and where the content will be published.