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By 2016 majority APAC households to have digital TV

With a high number of households in the Asia Pacific region subscribing to digital TV services in 2011, the market is expected to more than double to 663 million in 2016, accounting for 58 percent of total households in the region. This was revealed in a report by Cisco Systems called “Visual Networking Index: Service Adoption Forecast, 2011-2016,” which showed that with the switch from analog broadcast to digital in most countries, the popularity for digital TVs will increase considerably.

However, not too many marketers are excited about this change, says a report from eMarketer. This is because consumer behaviour in the region shows that users multitask while watching television, so more and more advertisers are putting money in their social, and mobile media campaigns rather than plain old television campaigns.

However, digital television offers new opportunities since this medium are more interactive and users have much more control over their choice of programs. eMarketer report says that the increased reach of digital TV enhances the convergence of media in the home and presents new multichannel marketing opportunities, particularly in the digital realm.

Marcel Fenez, global leader, Entertainment and Media, PricewaterhouseCoopers feels that television advertising will not get hurt in a major way in the next five years, for “with digital cinema, and digital TV the experience is better; consumers will continue to spend a considerable time on watching television. In fact they may even continue to watch their programs on their PCs, once it becomes digital, so the brands need to think of the device whether PC, mobile or TV and then create the campaign content,” he adds.