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Campaign management in the cloud

In order to remain effective, marketing is a process that must be continually refined to keep pace with changing consumer behaviors. For the past few years, marketing has responded to (and in many ways, enabled) the consumer’s increasing control over how, where, and when companies reach them. To manage this exciting but increasingly complex opportunity, there is an explosion of new technology to support marketing functions. By adopting these new technologies, many companies have been able to re-focus on growth and customer acquisition.

New social media channels both ignite and quench the customer’s thirst for connectivity and expression, while at the same time allowing them to dictate who may contact them — and how. As the proliferation of channels and “connected” devices complicates the marketer’s task to successfully reach target audiences, the need for relevancy, and pinpoint accuracy — in message, timing, and channel, has become paramount. But world-class marketing is more than a technology race. For many companies, it’s an organizational issue: channels continue to be managed separately – sometimes as separate departments – though sometimes cleverly cloaked in new names.

Then cost remains an issue with marketers when investing money in technology for better management of campaigns. That is where cloud-based campaign management systems come to play, and make lots of sense.

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