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Cat food brand goes digital to launch in Singapore

To motivate pet owners in Singapore to use its brand of cat food, premium wet cat food band SHEBA launched the brand using an online campaign with a difference. The company appointed BBDO Proximity Singapore to create a social media campaign that focused on developing an online community of cat owners who can endorse SHEBA’s products.

SHEBA adopted this social media route to raise awareness about its brand and products in a market already surfeit with established pet food brands. As a part of the social media strategy, BBDO Proximity Singapore created a Facebook application, called SHEBA Catwalk (www.shebacatwalk.com). The agency said that this was the world’s first online cat show for cats only. In this pet owners are being invited to create a Facebook brand page for their cat where they can post regular photos and comments.

Talking about the strategy, Joe Braithwaite, client services director for BBDO Singapore said, “While Facebook doesn’t allow non-human profile pages, encouraging enthusiastic pet owners to create their own brand page is a simple and fun way to drive engagement”. The aim is create a fun online community where cat owners can engage and share with each other, raising awareness of SHEBA, he further added.

To drive both trial and advocacy, the Facebook site features weekly competitions. Pet owners can request for samples of the food, and then share their experience of the same. SHEBA has also teamed up with Singapore’s Cat Welfare Society that is conducting a number of activities in parallel with this online campaign that encourage their Facebook fans to participate in Catwalk.