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Catcha Media Berhad and Says.com merge in USD20 million deal

Catcha Media Berhad is merging its certain assets with Says Sdn Bhd, the owner of Says.com to create what the agencies claim to be one of Malaysia’s largest digital advertising groups in terms of reach, clients, spend and profitability. The deal is worth approximately MYR60 million (USD20 million). The new entity will help brands advertisers reach out to Malaysia’s increasingly socially connected populace.

The Catcha Media Berhad businesses that will be merged with Says.com include digital advertising businesses that currently reach 9.78 million Malaysians every month, and its publishing business that currently publishes 15 magazine titles. Mapping out the company’s immediate plans, Patrick Grove, CEO of Catcha Media Berhad said, “Digital marketing is the future, Social Media marketing is the apex of this future and it is the fastest growing media category on the planet. This new company offers a tremendous opportunity to dominate the future of digital marketing in Malaysia by pairing two clear leaders in the space in a manner that creates a holistic and complete solution for any brand looking to ride the crest of the new media wave. We intend to expand this business regionally and the expected profitability of this merged entity should make us able to consider an IPO within the coming 12 months.”

Says.com is a unique country-specific crowd sourced content broadcasting platform that leverages active social media users to curate and share trending news items, paying them when they broadcast advertiser-sponsored content. Khailee Ng, Co-founder and CEO of Says.com commented, “As numerous studies remind advertisers that consumers spend more on social media than TV, we see a shift towards the advertising of the future, where marketing messages take shape as sharable ‘social’ content rather than the way it presently appears to users – as interruptions. Says.com is designed to put advertiser content at the centre of social attention, positioning brands to capture the new generation of consumers.”

By leveraging Catcha Media Berhad’s already established digital content leadership and broad online advertising base and pairing that with the power of social media and viral marketing via Says.com, the new merged entity is poised to capture a significant piece of Malaysia’s rapidly growing digital advertising spend.