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CleverTap Launches New Vlog on Brand Inception

Clevertap, today announced the launch of Journey to Success, a new vlog series featuring conversations with prominent business leaders. Hosted by Ruchika Sharma, Clevertap’s Manager of Brand and Customer Marketing, the vlog will chronicle the ups and downs of building and managing a brand in an ever-increasingly mobile market.

“This series will highlight so much more than business goals and metrics. It’s about the humans behind the brands, and the triumphs and challenges they faced in their journey from inception up to the present. The vlog will offer deep, personal insights into the ways that business leaders found success,” said Sharma.

Journey to Success will feature founders and executives from successful startups. The first episode, released April 9, featured Roland Ros, co-founder of Kumu, a live-streaming social media platform that connects and amplifies Filipino voices from around the world.

For Ros, having a growth mindset is synonymous with meeting the needs of the community you serve. He said, “When we first started Kumu it was a messenger app that nobody really cared about. But by looking at the data, looking at our community, and prioritizing their needs very quickly, we realized that the live-streaming part of our product was actually so important that we ended up pivoting and becoming a live-streaming app,” Kumu has been featured in TechCrunch, BusinessWorld, Esquire, and Cosmopolitan.

Clevertap serves the mobile marketing needs of more than 10,000 brands around the world, including Sony, Fandango, 7-Eleven, and Domino’s.

Looking ahead, Sharma is scheduled to speak with Aik-Phong Ng, Managing Director at Fave, Christian Davies, Head of Content at Sole Supplier, and Lauren Foundos, founder and CEO at FORTË. The 20-25 minute Journey to Success interviews will air every 20 days and can be found on Clevertap’s Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channels, as well as their website.