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CMOs should limit digital outsourcing: Liz Miller of CMO Council

Liz Miller, Vice President, CMO Council

Marketers across the APAC region are ever giving their responsibilities to agencies, and the trend has left Mark Phibbs, Senior Director Marketing and Global Channel Marketing, Adobe APAC, “scared”. He feels that as such many people are not happy with the agencies’ performances, marketing organisations need to own the data strategy and they need to own the overall strategy of digital marketing and outsource only parts of the strategy and not the entire strategy.

The role of the CMO is changing and voices are being heard more often now that the CMOs need to get in control. The challenge also stems from the fact that the CMOs, particularly in the APAC region find themselves digitally challenged and have to rely more on agencies.

In a video chat with Phibbs, hosted on the Adobe blog, Liz Miller, Vice President, CMO Council, tells that the title of the CMO “several years back” was a “very lofty title in a ‘C’ level position for marketing” and there was no territory defined with that.

CMOs according to Miller were primarily looking at ad spends and marketing communications was another thing that was overseen by the CMO.

However, the role of the CMO, today has evolved and as according to Miller for a “very good reason.”

It is just ‘implementation’ that Miller wants marketers to hand over to agencies and not the entire strategy. The strategy should come from the CMOs. Not negating the role of the agencies, she says that they have a role to play in taking up that “consumer experience strategy and actually implementing it across some of the most cutting edge touchpoints. The agencies are really be able to be so creative and tap into.”

She vouches for CMOs to own the customer experience at every single touchpoint. “When the CMOs push that strategy away from themselves now, they really then relegate themselves back into that old-view position of marketing, which is just about taking advertising from point A to point B. That is not capitalising the power and the role of marketing across the organisation.”

So if the CMOs really are to excel specifically in the region, they have to own the consumer experience and they have to own the marketing strategy and the business’ engagement strategy with the consumer. “They also have to able to translate the brand into business,” says Miller.

CMOs, according to her will have to begin to measure and put back into the organisation those key business metrics that are driving marketing forward and really making marketing one of the key drivers for business on organisations.