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Coke opens the bottle of happiness to make music

“There is no mistaking the sound you hear when you open a bottle of Coca-Cola,” says Leonardo O’Grady, ASEAN IMC director, The Coca-Cola Company. That is why the iconic soft drinks brand created its ‘Coca Cola Remix Bottle’ to deliver little happiness and make music out of every day, mundane sound.

The company tied up with OgilvyAction to develop this social music project that revolves around a Coca-Cola bottle. This specially created bottle captures every day sounds turning them into remixes, spreading happiness wherever it goes. “By remixing everyday sounds we have invited consumers to reinvent the sound of happiness whether it’s from a busy street, children playing or people involved in sport. Everyone, wherever they are in the world, can enjoy these sounds and the music made time and again,” O’Grady adds.

The Coca-Cola Remix bottle was created when Coca-Cola ASEAN and Japanese DJ-inventor, c, got together. The social music project takes forward the Coca-Cola ‘Open Happiness’ message by capturing the sounds of a particular place or time and remixes them into cool shareable music tracks that can be enjoyed by many. “With the Coca-Cola Remix Bottle we have given the classic opening ritual a new twist,” he says.

In fact this project follows Coke’s policy of delivering a shared value. According to O’Grady, the 2020 vision in The Coca Cola Company where it looks beyond pushing content to the consumer. It seeks to get the consumer to engage and “be a part of it, share it, and re-interpret the content. We look to engage with unbranded stories that are inspiring, which then can be amplified by the audience,” explains he explains.

The brand for a while now has been looking at creative that allow the individuals to adapt and participate. In fact this current ‘Open Happiness’ campaign managed to surprise many in Tokyo, where it was initiated. However the people readily participated in creating various sounds when the Coca-Cola Remix Bottle was opened. “Today, we have moved into an era of collaborative creative endeavour. New inventions are allowing us to take creativity to a new level and we are going full circle back to the days when agencies were not stuck in a particular medium such as print or TV,” said Eugene Cheong, chief creative officer, Ogilvy & Mather Asia Pacific. The sounds have been released as ringtones and music videos at youtube.com/cokeremixbottle and can be shared in a click.