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ComScore brings measurement service to Thailand

Proving the growing importance of Thailand as a digital nation, comScore a leader in measuring the digital world, has extended its ComScore Media Metrix service for the country. This is an online audience measurement and media planning solution that allow the advertisers and publishers to arrive at relevant decision in terms of digital presence and campaigning.

“We are pleased to announce the introduction of online audience measurement in Thailand, bringing comScore’s industry-leading digital insights to 14 individual markets in the Asia Pacific region,” said Joe Nguyen, comScore vice president for Southeast Asia and India.The comScore Media Metrix suite of syndicated products sets the standard for digital audience measurement and media planning. According to comScore this is a unique measurement approach that bridges panel-based and website server-based metrics to account for 100 percent of a site’s audience. Media Metrix delivers the Web’s first true measurement common ‘currency’, the company claims.

“Across the region and the globe, advertisers, publishers and agencies share a common need for access to accurate and reliable insights into today’s digital consumer in order to develop effective marketing strategies and grow their businesses. comScore is committed to delivering these essential insights, helping to spur growth in digital economies around the globe,” Nguyen further said talking about the new service.

With this service advertising agencies in Thailand can identify the web content that best reaches their target audiences. Based on that they can further design search or display media plans that maximize the ROI from advertising spend. Conversely, publishers can use the Media Metrix suite to persuade media buyers and planners that their online properties effectively reach specific target audiences. These tools enable publishers to maximize their share of online ad spending by quantifying the value of their site audiences and monitoring competitors’ strategies.

Showing enthusiasm over availability of this service in Thailand, Ken Chang, commercial director, Microsoft Advertising Asia Pacific, said “Microsoft Advertising is excited with comScore’s entrance into Thailand. Thailand is one of the fastest-growing digital markets in Asia and comScore’s entrance into Thailand will provide publishers, agencies and advertisers with an important solution that will have strong positive impact on the digital market.”  Emphasising this sentiment, and highlighting the need for such a measurement solution for the Thai online market, Angeli T. Beltran, executive regional director at Dentsu Asia said, “Thailand is a rapidly growing digital market and brings much opportunity for advertisers and publishers looking to capitalize on the rise of the online channel in consumers’ lives. comScore’s measurement solutions will bring a much-needed and trusted currency to Thailand’s digital industry, helping to stimulate growth in this burgeoning market.”

In fact comScore’s inaugural report on the Thai market showed that Thailand is home to one of the youngest online markets globally, with younger internet users accounting for a high percentage of the web population and commanding an even great share of time spent online. “In February, 74.7 percent of all internet users in Thailand were under the age of 35, with users age 15-24 accounting for 45.2 percent of visitors and those age 25-34 representing 29.5 percent. Users age 15-24 accounted for more than half of all online minutes (50.9 percent) as visitors in this age group averaged 31.7 hours online in February. Visitors age 25-34 averaged 26 hours online, while those in the 35-44 age segment averaged 25.4 hours during the month,” the report said.