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comScore launches Ad Metrix in Australia

To provide brand marketers and businesses in Australia an insight into their online advertising investments, comScore has launched the comScore AdMetrix service in the country. The service offers comprehensive insights into where display ad impressions appeared online, the demographic composition of the audiences reached, along with traditional advertising metrics such as reach/frequency and GRPs.

“Today an average Australian internet user receives more than 1,000 display ads each month, highlighting the significance of digital advertising in the broader media landscape. This increasingly important channel in the marketing mix creates a growing need for market-level understanding and competitive insights so that agencies, advertisers and publishers can effectively navigate this complex environment. comScore Ad Metrix delivers the critical insights needed to optimize digital advertising strategies and benchmark performance versus the competition,” said Amy Weinberger, comScore vice president for Australia and New Zealand.

According to the company, the reason for launching this service was due to the sheer growth of display ads in Australia. The research by comScore showed that in January 2012, 15.6 billion display ad impressions were delivered online in Australia, reaching 15.1 million Internet users. Results from the debut report found that Facebook.com ranked as the top display ad publisher during the month, accounting for nearly 1 in every 4 display ad impressions (23.0 percent share), while IAC – InterActiveCorp led as the top advertiser with 275.8 million display ad impressions, driven largely by its Match.com brand.

So some of the components of AdMetrix include measurement of display ad impressions based on delivery to actual people, as opposed to cookies or spiders; a full range of advertising metrics that provide insights into share of voice, ad clutter, ad-exposed audience, reach/frequency and GRPs; images of the actual creative used by advertisers, including information such as ad type and size; insights into socially-enabled and socially-published ads; and granular classification that provides the ability to analyze advertising at the brand, category or product-level.

Weinberger further explained that a key component of comScore Ad Metrix is visibility into the growing use of socially-published and socially-enabled ads. “Socially-published ads refer to any brand’s display ads that appear on social networking sites, such as Facebook or LinkedIn. Increasingly, brands are utilizing these social calls-to-action in their display ad campaigns as a means of bolstering their social media presence,” she added. Socially-enabled ads are IAB standard display ads that can be clicked through to Facebook or other social networking sites. In Australia, 24.7 percent of all display ad impressions were socially published in January 2012, while 10.5 percent of ad impressions were socially enabled.