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Content is the engagement point, says Worldigital’s Beerajaah Swain

Digital is the new language that consumers across the globe are speaking and it is crucial that marketers match their learning curve with that of the consumers in order to drive a successful marketing campaign. ‘The more time spent on media, the more the brand benefits,’ is the philosophy followed by Worldigital, an India based media agency that develops engagement model across digital platforms.

In an interaction with DMA, Beerajaah Swain, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Worldigital, talks about the opportunities in the space that prompted the establishment of the new-age agency. “We believe there is a gap in the market today with the proliferation of devices and channels. There is also a great influx of technology that consumers interact with which needs to be understood to utilise these are marketing channels,” Mr Swain said.

In such a market scenario, there is significant mismatch between the media platforms and the offerings of media agencies which consequently result into superficial partnership between the brands and the media agency.

Worldigital intends to bridge this gap where the biggest opportunity is to offer a client a potent combination of content, media and technology. “The content is the engagement point, the media gives the scale and technology delivers the wow interaction moment,” Mr Swain added.

Also it is imperative for corporate houses in India to have a digital department within their organisational setup as marketing and brand teams of the companies need an inside man to bridge the knowledge gap that agencies bring to the table, expressed Mr Swain as he shared his thoughts on in-house digital arms vs media agency-only approach. Also, companies are investing big to hire specialists in the field to manage opportunities in big data and marketing technology.

Contrary to the general perception amongst most marketers in India, Mr Swain believes that India has progressed relatively fast in digital media against its western counterparts as the market has jumped the technology curve to mobile being one of the biggest talking points today. Concern arises when consumption is compared to engagement in India with that of its western counterparts.

“Besides urban India, the rest of the population is still concerned primarily with basic consumption, until the next leap-progression happens,” Mr Swain pointed out. But going forward, he remains optimistic of the India growth story and summed up saying, “there will be more users, more technology and more media opportunities as we move ahead.”